Bridal bouquet made by LILAS WOOD, Floral Design & Florist Wedding Aix les bains (73) Lac du Bourget in Savoie - Photographer Julien Bonjour.

Lookbook Mademoiselle Rêve | Aix les bains (73)

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Ceremony floral arch made by the workshop LILAS WOOD, Floral Design & Wedding florist Megève (74) Savoie & Haute savoie - Photographer Emilie Cabot.

A rustic chic wedding in Megève (74)

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Floral decoration made by LILAS WOOD - Florist & Wedding Designer - Château de Varennes in Burgundy. Photographer - Ian Holmes Photography

A wedding at the Château de Varennes in Burgundy

Château de Varennes: a soft and lush floral design. Long tables...

The bride and groom and their witnesses in front of Rolls Royce, wreath and bridal bouquet made by LILAS WOOD - Florist Wedding Dijon & Burgundy.

An organic wedding in Burgundy

Hey y'all! Today we are sharing the organic, rustic chic wedding...