About us.

It is at the foot of the Pilat massif, south-west of Lyon, close to nature, that the floral adventure of Lilas Wood began.

For us, working as a couple is a way of life. We combine our skills and create with love, professionalism and complicity.

"We like to bring together many varieties of flowers in the same bouquet, and to test bold combinations of plants: fruits, berries, grasses, herbs to create attractive and unique arrangements.

We like : Wild flowers, refined and delicate, free and liberated bride and groom, foliage, lilac, being in love, laughter, candles, nature, details, travelling.

Every day, in order to preserve our planet which provides us with such beautiful flowers, we adopt a behaviour as thoughtful as possible. Some of our small actions here.

Our signature.

The Flowers.

We create our floral arrangements with seasonal flowers, freshly picked or brought in from the flower markets.
We use a mix of classic florals such as roses, peonies, dahlias, buttercups, combined with a variety of flowers and blooms, textured foliage and unexpected elements such as fruits and twigs.


Our floral arrangements are free and wild as we like to play with heights, spaces and textures.


We love neutral shades of nude, powder and peach, but we're never afraid of deep, saturated pops of color.

Made to measure.

Each arrangement is tailor-made for you and we make sure that they are harmoniously combined with our collection of vases and pots.