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Inspiration shoot - Organic Wedding

Inspiration shoot - Organic Wedding

Wedding florist Ain

In May of last season, we received a request from Cindy of Atelier Atypique to design and produce the floral decoration for a lovely inspirational project she had in mind.

We've known Cindy for a while now having collaborated with her on several weddings and an inspiration project last winter. She planned an organic, simple and delicate theme. Simple things and beautiful materials to enhance an emotional moment. We were immediately excited about the project!

The shoot took place in the Ain region of France, on top of a hill. We were hoping for a bit of sunshine, but when the day came, we were met with brisk air, some nice big clouds and a few drops of rain. It promised to be a tough day for the team and the models, but we were full of optimism!

At a real wedding, things don't always go as planned. Not every event is warm and sunny. But that doesn't stop the day from being wonderful. The images wouldn't have been as perfect without that special light that the photographer captured so well. The atmosphere was friendly and warm, we were all happy to be there and to share this professional moment together.

"And you always love me, don't you? Yes. And the rain will make any difference? No."

Ernest Hemingway

Lilac Wood floral workshop.

Wedding florist Ain

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Mathieu and Elodie, from the agency Marions nous dans les bois, followed our every move and staged the images of these moments.

All images were taken by the talented Ambre of Zéphyr & Luna.

Organization and styling by Cindy from Atelier Atypique.

Dress : Aurélia Hoang

Costume & accessories : Faubourg Saint Sulpice

Accessories & Jewelry : Artetfacts Paris

Setting up : Virginie Debourg

Fine Calligraphy : Fanny Calligraphy

Renting of old dishes : Vintage dishes

Flowers from our workshop Lilas Wood - Wedding florist Ain.