A wedding in Haute Savoie in Megève.

Wedding florist Haute Savoie

As soon as Géraldine contacted us for the floral decoration of her wedding, I knew that it would be really beautiful. The first words we exchanged about the atmosphere won me over: wild, natural, vegetal.

As we exchanged emails and phone calls, the elements fell into place. The colors, the foliage, the flowers, the volumes ...

We had to foresee the installation of the decorations in the reception room as well as the installation of the bouquets of pews in the church.
We arrived in MEGEVE in Haute Savoie in an atypical place, a domain surrounded by a golf of several hectares. The room was bright, warm and modern.

On Saturday morning we started with the decoration of the room with the installation of the centerpieces and decoration of atmosphere. We had prepared wreaths of flowers and foliage with the colorful touches that our bride and groom liked: dark foliage and brightly colored flowers for a nice contrast.

On the head table a garland of about 4 meters long mixed with candleholders, found by our bride and groom.

We also planted the wooden beams to complete the wild and natural spirit of the room.

From the dishes to the stationery, everything was beautiful and we were happy to have participated in the decoration of this beautiful day.

Thank you to our dear bride and groom for their trust and kindness.

Lilac Wood floral workshop.

Wedding florist Haute Savoie

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Location: Domaine du Mont d'Arbois
Floral design & Photos : Lilas Wood- Wedding florist Haute Savoie